Torture Center. Stories from Belarusian Detention Center

dir. Arkadz Nestsyarenka, 2020

People arrested in the first days of protests and tortured in the detention center on Akrestsina Street share their experiences and emotions.

Ihar, 40, worked as an ambulance doctor. Before being arrested, he managed to save a little boy who had a rubber bullet in his lungs. On Akrestsina Street he couldn’t help anyone anymore.

Krystsina, 30, was arrested along with other bikers in the Uruchcha district. She says that she was initially kept on the street for three hours, and in the evening she was placed on Akrestsina Street.

„The staff of Akrestsina generally treated you like a stool that could be kicked. Not like a human being. They kept us on a concrete floor. 35 girls on such an area, outside… It was terrible. Many have been beaten. They beat the boys very hard. The girls – one was beaten badly, another – less… They stripped me naked. It was just the end of the world.”

Pavel, 30, served in the border service. He says that Akrestsina divided his life into before and after.

Three heroes with such different life experiences talk about how they felt leaving the place of torture. How they were received by volunteers upon leaving the custody. One of the heroes recalls how he witnessed the visit of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Barsukov to Akrestsina, who threatened the arrested with a trembling voice.

We have footage from Akrestsina Street from August 10 to 14 when our heroes were there, as well as amateur recordings of their arrest.

Documentary, director: Arkadz Nestsyarenka, 2020, Belarus

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