To Go and Not Come Back

dir. "Belsat", 2020

The documentary will tell us who was the people who perished during the protests in Belarus. What they were like and how they died.

Alyaksandr Taraykouski, like most Belarusians, could not stay at home. He took part in peaceful protests. He has a young daughter and he would like her to live in a free country. He was killed with a shot to the chest. The wound was cut open and sutured so that there was no evidence that it was a murder.

Kanstantsin Shyshmakou was a reliable man, with principles. As the director of the museum, he became a member of the election committee. He wanted fair voting to take place in his committee at least. He failed. He was found hanged. It was announced to be a suicide.

Mikita Kryutsou was a football fan, an ordinary cheerful lad. At the protest, he approached the OMON officers with a white, red and white flag. He was searched for 11 days. He was also found hanged. Investigators’ conclusion – suicide because of the divorce, which had not even been planned.

No investigations were launched in any of these cases.

Documentary, 2020, Belarus

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