To Go and Not Come back… Episode 2

dir. "Belsat", 2020

The documentary “To Go and Not Come back… Episode 2” tells about people who perished during the protests in Belarus. What they were like and how they died.

Alaxandr Vikhor (Sasha) did not vote in the presidential election and did not participate in the protests. Election day, 9 August 2020, was an ordinary day off for him, he planned to spend the evening with his beloved girlfriend, but he did succeed. He was stopped on his way to her. Detained groundlessly, detained forever. The man did not come home, he was brutally tortured by the officers. Tortured to death.

Alaxandr’s mother voted for the president. She had believed him, she had believed in her future, she believed in her son. This future and her faith were taken away… Those who killed Sasha are unaware that they took his mother’s most precious treasure. Because the worst thing in life is to bury your baby. An investigation is pending on Alaxandr’s murder, but criminal proceedings have been refused.

Henadz Shutau was a truck driver, he was rarely and briefly at home. He went to the protest only out of curiosity. He went with a friend. Nothing foreshadowed the tragedy, the men were supposed to return home in the evening but they did not make it: they ran into a gang of policemen. It is now hard to find a word other than “gang”. Because only bandits, who fill the ranks of law enforcement agencies, can shoot at a defenseless man for no reason. Shutau did not come home either. He was shot in the back of the head. The deceased Shutau and his friend have been subjected to criminal proceedings for resisting the police but no one will be held responsible for the death of the man. The Investigative Committee concluded that there were insufficient grounds for criminal prosecution.

Documentary, 2020, Belarus

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