This is Just the Beginning

dir. Aleh Dashkevich, 2020

Election day, queue in front of the election commission. Pavel Zhuk records the queue and says that he is seeing something like this for the first time. The observer tells how the elections are conducted. Evening. Events in front of the stella. People, water cannons, stun grenades.

Pavel Zhuk takes a rubber bullet out of the injured boy’s body. What is your name?! Name? – Syargey. – Give me your phone number. He gives the number. Am I supposed to take the bullet or do you want to take it yourself? Just don’t throw it away.

“Blue Goat” café. The morning of August 10. The owner, Axana Kaltovich, and her friend Olga Chekulayeva recall the events of the previous night and their participation in the incidents on the Nyamiha river.

The reportage will consist of the characters’ reflections on the violent events of the post-election days. It will end with a protest at the stella, where Pavel Zhuk will tell that a few days earlier he took a bullet out of the wounded boy’s neck, and now there are 150,000 people there. people in white, red and white colors.

Morning at the “Blue Goat” café. The women evaluate the situation and decide what to do the next day.

This is just the beginning – they say.

Reportage, director Aleh Dashkevich, 2020, Belarus

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