Syarzhuk Douhushau “Where we are”

dir. Растоцкая Кася, 2020

Being a Belarusian in Belarus is difficult and sometimes impossible. It is tiring, therefore more and more often the most convinced, the most genuine, the most talented Belarusians move abroad – to build their own Belarus there.

“When they ask me: How to tag you on the Internet or in a movie – it used to be short: singer, leader of the band Vuraj. Now the full version is as follows: a singer, musician, sometimes multi-instrumentalist, then a cultural activist, then the leader of the band Vuraj, founder and manager of singing meetings and the Tradytsyya institution. This is the complete official title” – Syarzhuk Douhushau laughs.

He has many reasons to buy a plane ticket to the USA and leave Belarus forever. After all, how much can you fight? And what for, if you can live happily and work efficiently abroad? But when the “last Syarzhuk” leaves us, what will we stay with here?

Documentary, dir. Kasya Rastotskaya, 2020, Belarus

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