Song of the Free

dir. Victoria Boeva, 2020

Women armed with flowers lead a coalition of the dissatisfied. They face provocateurs, ignore the authorities’ calls to disperse, and recruit new protesters. They have flowers in their hands – a symbol of freedom. They are accompanied by musicians and artists who speak out against violence.

The leader of the rock band N.R.M. uplifts the fighting spirit of the gathered people. With a guitar in hand, he confronts the officers of OMON hiding behind shields to show that Belarusians have the right to oppose lawlessness without violence.

At the same time, in front of the Government House, women with flowers collect signatures on the project to build a memorial to the injured during detentions. They are joined by crowds of people from all over Minsk. The white flower has become a symbol of the fight for the new Belarus.

Reportage, director Victoria Boeva, 2020, Belarus

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