Polesian Shrine

dir. Maryia Bulavinskaya, 2020

Many secrets attract researchers and volunteers to Yuravichy. Historians are still looking for an answer to the question why one of the richest and most influential Catholic orders came there.

Over 300 years ago, Jesuit Marcin Tyrawski came to the remote Polesian village of Yuravichy. He brought with him a miraculous icon of the Mother of God. After the Jesuit mission in Yuravichy was established, a brick monastery and college were built. Until the 21st century, the former college and monastery have survived only in ruins. For over 15 years, the buildings have been being restored. The manager of the volunteers who restore the Jesuit mission is Yauhen Malikau, a historian.

Archaeologist Aleh Iou annually conducts archaeological excavations there, at the ancient settlement. Finds and historical sources allow him to make a sensational discovery: in the territory of the present-day Yuravichy there was the capital of the Principality of Turov – the ancient city of Turov, which was destroyed at the beginning of the 11th century and relocated to the present-day Zhytkavichy District. Aleh Iou links the appearance of the Jesuits in Yuravichy in the 17th century to the events from a thousand years ago.

The documentary directed by Marya Bulavinskaya, Belarus, 2020

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