Volha Hardzeychyk

Вядоўца навінаў культуры

Volha Hardzeychyk is an author and anchorwoman of programs ‘Stars Do Not Sleep’, ‘Private Collection’, ‘Black on White’, editor of cultural review ‘Remarc’.

She was born in Kalinkavichy (Homiel region) in 1972. She graduated from the Belarusian State University (Philology Faculty).
In the early 1990s Volha took her first steps in journalism. She specialises in covering issues of culture.

She worked for the state-owned Belarusian Radio, radio station 101.2.

Since 1997 she has been living in Warsaw. Volha studied at Lodz Film School, worked for the Polish Radio and the European Radio for Belarus.

“I respect and love Belarusian artists and educators, I am proud of the Belarusians who work at home and in the world. I am interested in ethics, psychology, culture paradigms in post-Soviet countries,” Volha says.

She loves poetry, music and photography.