Valyaryna Kustava

Аўтарка і вядоўца праграмы «Прыват»

Valyaryna Kustava is an author and host of programs ‘Black and White’ and ‘Fitness Shmitnes’. She calls herself ‘Girl-Poet-Sky’.

“I am just breaking the ground in journalism. I worked as an editor at a publishing house, a speechwriter in NGOs. I have recently started to teach History of Cinema and Drama. I have written four books.

My first poem was published when I was six; the first book was released when I was eleven. At the age of sixteen I joined the Writers’ Union. Thus, my childhood was strange, that is why I am trying to catch up now.

I was trained as a screenwriter and playwright. I have a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

I play the violin, piano and guitar. I can boast of the lack of bad habits; I think the habits I still have bring no harm. I am fascinated with exotic tours. I love to love and miracles.”