Valer Ruselik

Журналіст і вядоўца інфармацыйна-публіцыстычнага блоку «Студыя “Белсат”»

Valer Ruselik is a Journalist and news presenter of three-hour information program Belsat Studio.

He was born in Hrodna in 1982. He has been in the field of journalism for 15 years. In 2001 Valer was one of the barefoot pilgrims who undertook a journey from Hrodna came to Vilnius.

He managed to swim in five seas and two oceans. He was a defender of a  camp site in Minsk after the 2006 presidential elections , as well as historic buildings in Hrodna during the  so called reconstruction of the city.

Valer is a media activist, member of  writers’ community ‘Bunker’.  He loves his mom and travelling.

His credo: Via est vita