Syarhei Pelyasa

Аўтар і вядоўца міжнароднай праграмы «ПраСвет»

Syarhei Pelyasa is an editor of international TV news magazine ‘World and Us’, program ‘Human affairs’ and a series of reports from Ukraine under the joint title ‘Revolution’, author of ‘Revolution Online’ and co-author of ‘Revolution. Deadline’.

He is also an author of report ‘Long Live Belarus. Behind the scenes’, co-author and editor of series ‘History under the shield of Pahon’, anchorman of program ‘Reporter’.

From 2008 to April 2014 he worked as an editor of documentary series ‘Unknown Belarus’.

Syarhei was born in 1976 in Luninets, but spent his childhood and youth in Kobryn. He graduated from Lublin University (Faculty of International Relations).

Syarhei takes a lively interest in military issues, international international security, history. He is fond of airsoft, photographic art and riding a bicycle.

Syarhei is married. He is a father of twins.