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You can watch, read, and listen to Belsat programs.


The channel is broadcast daily from 07:00 Belarusian time. Belsat can be viewed via satellite and online.

Live on our website and on Youtube

Via the Belsat live app for Android TV

In the Belsat TV app for smartphones and tablets with Android and IOS, where you can watch not only live broadcast, but also read the latest news.


We have 9 special Youtube channels..
Белсат news
Белсат без палітыкі
Вот так with news from CIS
Белсат гісторыя
Белсат музыка
Кожны з нас
Жэстачайшы мульт
Belsat in English
Biełsat po polsku


There are Belsat accounts in all major social networks

Belsat can be watched via Astra 4A satellites (formerly called Sirius 4).

How to receive Belsat via satellites:

“Astra 4A” frequencies – 12303 MHz, horizontal polarization (12303H). Additional parameters: DVB-S modulation, FEC 7/8, SR 25546. Alternatively, you can also select the AUTOMATIC CHANNEL SEARCH and wait for the receiver to update the list of all channels.

The channel’s program can also be viewed in the Polish cable network Vectra.

All the interested cable network operators can broadcast the channel under a free license.