The channel is broadcast daily from 07:00 Minsk time. The residents of Belarus, Ukraine and the western part of Russia can watch Belsat via Astra 1KR and Astra 4A satellites (the latter was formerly called Sirius 4). You can watch Belsat on the Internet — there is an online broadcast at www.belsat.eu. Also, majority of Belsat programmes are available on our Internet page in the ‘video on demand’ section.

Our channel programs are also available in the Polish cable network Vectra. In 2016, the channel was added to Ukrainian cable networks’ packages. All interested cable operators are welcome to broadcast the Belsat channel under a free license.

Belsat is available via satellites: Astra 4A Frequency – 12303 MHz, horizontal polarization (12303H). Additional parameters: modulation of DVB-S, FEC 7/8, SR 25546. Alternatively, you can also choose AUTO CHANNEL SEARCH and allow the receiver to update the list of all channels.

750K: 10% of adult Belarusians watch Belsat TV

According to the study conducted by the Civitta Group SATIO in May 2017, 10% of Belarusian adult сitizens (over 750,000) watch Belsat. The total population of Belarus is around 9.5 mln, including 7.5 mln adults.

Every third Belarusian knows about the channel and our audience has grown twofold in the last 3 years.

It also follows from the study that Belsat is more often watched by men (54.5%) than women (45.5%). Almost 65% of the Belsat audience are Belarusians aged 25 to 54. Forty-two percent of viewers have higher education. The largest number of our viewers live in the Brest and Hrodna regions, as well as in Minsk. 42.9% of viewers live in rural areas, where more satellite dishes are installed.

Every third inhabitant of the country (32.1%) aged 18 knows about the channel. Compared with 2014, the “Belsat” brand awareness is up 11.4%.

Belsat is an independent Belarusian-language TV channel, which is part of the Polish state television TVP S.A.

The sociological research conducted from 20 to 31 May 2017 was carried out by CIVITTA Group SATIO. The study involved 3,004 people aged 18 and over. The statistical error of the study is +/- 1.8%.

SATIO is one of the leading research companies in Belarus, which is also engaged in consulting services, international educational projects, and market research.

Belsat has special phone numbers, which you can call to ask questions about tuning into our channel on your TV: +375297564418 (MTS) and +375444946315 (Velcom). On February 11, due to technical reasons the frequency of the broadcast on the Astra 4A satellite (formerly known as Sirius) was changed.