About us


Belsat TV is a democratisation project in many aspects reminiscent of earlier media undertakings such as Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, which in the communist times were successfully building the foundations of freedom and civic society in Poland.

Consequently, Belsat TV aims at providing the Belarusian society with access to >>uncensored information, >>true account of the history of their country, >>full picture of the international situation around Belarus and >>appealing cultural and entertainment offer in Belarusians’ mother tongue. The channel also serves the purpose of building bridges between Europe and Belarus and of promoting democratisation processes in that country.

Interestingly, Belsat has already achieved one of its objectives. Belsat TV journalists create their programs in the Belarusian language, which make the channel stand out among other TV stations. While the authorities are reluctant to manifestations of ‘Belarusianness’ in public life, Belsat has been consistently popularizing the native language – not only due to its presence on air, but also by promoting Belarusian literature and supporting educational initiatives. However, in the TV studio our guests feel free to choose between Belarusian and Russian which is still dominant in the country.

At the start it was the only television channel that broadcasted exclusively in Belarusian. Under its influence and that of other Belarusian-language media – mainly independent foreign-based radio stations – the share of the Belarusian language has gradually increased also in broadcasts by state-owned radio and television.

The recent events in Ukraine have shown that Belsat TV has influenced the public opinion not only in Belarus, but elsewhere in the region, too. Live coverage and special reports showing the massive Euromaidan protests in the centre of Kyiv followed by Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas did counter Russian propaganda in Europe’s post-Soviet eastern region. Foreign viewers show their apprreciacion of Belsat TV work by commenting on our social media profiles.

Belsat TV broadcasts nearly 20 hours a day all year round. Its original content is prepared by more than 100 associates from all over Belarus supported by around 80 editors, managers and technicians in Warsaw.

Every week day, Belsat TV airs a three-hour live programme covering news and current affairs. Over the nine-year period of its existence the channel has made more than 75 programmes, nearly150 documentary films, most of which focus on rediscovering non-Soviet aspects of Belarusian heritage or expose various difficulties of today’s life in Belarus and other former Soviet Republics. Our documentaries have won nearly 50 international awards.