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Belsat TV has the Solidarity Zone Foundation. We raise funds for paying fines imposed on journalists and protesters as well as for helping persecuted persons.

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Belsat TV is mostly financed through Polish state subsidies.

The channel development strategy is based on the assumption that foreign financial support in the form of donations will be gradually increasing and that the Belsat project will in time take on an international character. As the bulk of project costs is covered by the Polish government, foreign partners are not exposed to financial risks. Their participation is key in ensuring Belsat’s political credibility and stability. It is also important to show the Belarusian society that it can count on the support of more than one country.

International subsidies will be most effective if spent on purchase and production of new programs as that has paramount importance in raising the channel’s appeal. Foreign assistance can also contribute to covering the cost of TV crew training and equipment purchases for use in Belarus.
Depending on the level of pledged financial assistance, the governments of partner states will be able to decide which programs they wish to sponsor and to what extent.
Governments and institutions interested in helping Belsat TV are kindly asked to contact:

Fundacja Strefa Solidarności,

st. Sękocińska 18/2, 02-313 Warszawa

e-mail: info@solidarityzone.org

telefon: +48 609 669 953

Belsat has been cooperating with the Solidarity Zone Foundation which acts as an intermediary in acquiring financial support from foreign partners.

Belsat is also looking for advertisers and commercial sponsors: since 2009, advertising on Belsat TV is available via the Telewizja Polska S.A. Advertising Department.

Corporations interested in advertising on or sponsoring Belsat TV are kindly asked to contact:

Belsat TV
ul. J. P. Woronicza 17
00-999 Warszawa, Polska
T. +48 605 605 630
F. +48 22 547 62 11
E. office@belsat.eu