Ales Zaleuski

Журналіст, вядоўца, прадзюсар

Ales Zaleuski is a journalist and news presenter  of information program Belsat Studio. He is the author and host of ‘Human Affairs’.

Ales was born in the village of Abukhava (Hrodna region). He took part in legendary project ‘The School of Young Journalist’. He published articles in a number of Hrodna-based and regional newspapers.

After Ales graduated from Collegium Civitas in Warsaw he returned to his native Hrodna where he acted as a coordinator at The School of Young Journalist and editor at  the youth radio ‘Your Style’, worked as a regional correspondent of  European Radio for Belarus.

Ales has been working for Belsat since 2007. Sometimes he participates in educational and social projects, festivals and other public events in Minsk and Hrodna.

Ales reads a lot and goes in for sports (running, playing football, biking).