Aleksy Dzikawicki

Намеснік дырэктара «Белсату»

Aleksy Dzikawicki is Editorial Director of Information Programming at Belsat TV.

He was born in Pinsk in 1973. He is an economist by training. Since the mid-1990s, he started contributing to the country’s leading independent media. He worked for RFE/RL in Brest, later in Poland.

In 2007, Aleksy Dzikawicki accepted the proposal to establish and develop the editorial office of information programs at Belsat TV.

“This is a unique opportunity to inform the citizens of Belarus of what is actually happening in the country. In addition, this is a chance to form a new generation of TV journalists, who know how to create an independent and unbiased channels. I am absolutely positive that the Belarusians will be able to make a wise political choice provided that there is unlimited access to information,” Aleksy says.