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2017.09.19 10:54 Відэа

Incident at Zapad-2017 war game in Russia? Ka-52 helicopters fire at crowd

2017.09.13 12:12

Lithuania to mint coin in honour of Belarusian printing pioneer Skaryna

2017.09.12 04:46 Відэа

Unusual sculpture in one of Minsk streets aroused interest of locals

2017.09.11 15:00 Photo

Was it ever such a temple: Putin, Obama bring gifts to Jesus

2017.09.09 00:33 update

Protest against ‘West-2017’ military exercise and celebration of victory over Moscow

2017.08.18 15:05

Head of Belarus on trial for genocide in American fiction movie

2017.08.17 12:07

Brussels: Picket against Russia-Belarus war game Zapad-2017 (photos)

2017.08.11 06:40

Accidentally scrapped S200 rocket explodes in Russia

2017.08.04 12:56

Jokes mixed with tears: Belarus human rights defenders set to buy paddy wagon from police

2017.08.02 13:41 Відэа

Airborne Forces Day in Moscow: NTV reporter punched in face live