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2017.05.23 13:07

Belarus returns to repression policy, Belsat TV journos at gunpoint – UN Rapporteur

2017.05.19 15:01

Homiel: Freelance journalist heavily fined for livestreaming for Belsat

2017.05.17 09:04

Police officer vs Belsat TV contributor: Court fails to find proof of compromising dignity

2017.05.15 09:51

Belsat TV journalist $500 fined

2017.05.08 12:50

Katsyaryna Andreyeva fined for cooperation with ‘Belsat’

2017.05.08 10:39

Director Romaszewska-Guzy urges Poles to support Belsat TV contributors persecuted in Belarus

2017.05.05 09:25

Losing count: Belsat TV contributor heavily fined again

2017.05.04 07:50

Belsat TV report ‘Over the system’ awarded at journalistic contest ‘Free Word’

2017.05.02 10:55

‘Swearing to himself’: Homiel-based Belsat TV contributor fined

2017.05.01 13:22

May Day rallies taking place in Belarus. Belsat is covering the protests