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2018.06.12 13:03

Journalist fined for report about police’s battering elderly man

2018.06.07 09:46 video

Brutal detention, protocol, strip-to-underwear: Authorities give no peace to Belsat TV journalist

2018.06.06 15:01

Belsat to hold meeting with famous investigative journalist in Minsk

2018.06.04 09:14 Photos+Video

‘Welcome to Belarus’. Foreigners in new Belsat TV entertainment show

2018.06.02 20:36

The Hypocrites of the Day: Belsat TV director’s reaction to Babchenko turning up alive

2018.05.30 10:51

Revenue source: Lukashenka regime keep imposing fines on Belsat TV contributors

2018.05.28 16:40 Photos

Homiel journalist heavily fined for livestream on her Facebook

2018.05.24 19:48

Mahiliou: Pressure on independent journalists continues

2018.05.23 17:17 video

Belarus Foreign Minister leaves question about Belsat TV accreditation unanswered

2018.05.22 11:18 video

Watching, grabbing, detaining: Journo films plainclothes policemen’ bad manners