What's new on Belsat TV

2017.06.23 07:45

Business trip becomes disaster for journalists

2017.06.19 11:39

‘They can say what Belarus govt can’t say about Russia’ – Al Jazeera about Belsat TV

2017.06.16 08:57

Protest Spring-2017: Total $9K fine for Belsat TV journalists

2017.06.02 15:25

Minsk court denies appeal by Belsat TV contributor

2017.05.31 13:02

‘Principled stance’: Belsat TV to continue broadcasting in Belarusian – Director

2017.05.30 08:31

‘Belarus’s most critical voice against Russia’: Coda Story releases video about Belsat TV

2017.05.23 13:07

Belarus returns to repression policy, Belsat TV journos at gunpoint – UN Rapporteur

2017.05.19 15:01

Homiel: Freelance journalist heavily fined for livestreaming for Belsat

2017.05.17 09:04

Police officer vs Belsat TV contributor: Court fails to find proof of compromising dignity

2017.05.15 09:51

Belsat TV journalist $500 fined