What's new on Belsat TV

2017.02.17 10:18

Belsat not welcome by Belarus authorities, but Russian TV still in bono

2017.02.15 12:47

Belarusians outraged by tax on ‘idlers’: Proof provided by Belsat TV to go to Lukashenka

2017.02.09 06:54

‘Singing Assembly’ with ‘People’s Album’ program

2017.02.07 14:24

Belsat web action: 150K Belarusians against Lukashenka’s law

2017.02.02 06:04

Belsat to broadcast further — channel Director

2017.02.01 07:15

Uncertainties around Belsat TV as seen by western media

2017.01.06 10:59

Poland’s govt spokesman: ‘New formula’ for Belsat TV

2017.01.05 14:53

No threat to Belsat TV, Director says after meeting with Poland’s Prime Minister

2017.01.05 06:41

Belsat in the New Year: our past, present, and future (ENG video)

2017.01.04 14:42

Whom did Belsat help? Meet residents of Belarusian cities and villages (ENG video)