2017.10.19 11:35 Video

Red herring amid scandal? Belarus MoD claims attempts to foil Zapad-2017 war game

2017.10.18 06:27

Russian helicopter that shot at audience during ‘Zapad 2017’ exercises had another accident

2017.10.02 10:49

Russian envoy: All our troops left Belarus unless ‘someone got married’

2017.10.02 07:41

Russian Defense Ministry says all Russian troops left Belarus

2017.09.29 10:50

‘In a good mood’. Russian military coming back home after Zapad-2017

2017.09.26 16:09 Video

Ex-presidential candidate sentenced to 5 days in jail for protesting against Zapad-2017 drills

2017.09.22 13:52

NATO: suspicions over ‘Zapad-2017’ proved true

2017.09.21 14:00 Video

Ukraine’s top military official: ‘Russia exercised massive missile-nuclear strike during Zapad-2017’

2017.09.21 11:20

‘If we wanted, we would invade you – like Crimea.’ Russia’s Kantemir division leaving Belarus

2017.09.20 09:58

Polish Defense Minister: Russia putting pressure

2017.09.19 11:54 Video

Incident at Zapad-2017 war game in Russia? Ka-52 helicopters fire at crowd

2017.09.18 17:05

‘Lots of mushrooms and tanks’: Russian pilot publishes photos of Barysau forest

2017.09.18 15:50

No comment: Putin and Zapad-2017

2017.09.18 15:32

Lithuania’s prdt warns UN Secretary General against ‘aggressive and offensive’ nature of Zapad-2017

2017.09.18 12:08 Video

Belarus should not have invited some people to monitor Zapad-2017 war game – MoD