2018.04.30 11:22 Photo

Mahiliou: Lenin ready for May Day (photos)

2017.12.08 13:32

Babruysk: Blogger loses case over Belarus police’s honour and dignity

2017.11.27 10:56

Putin on wanted list: Mahiliou police twitter account hacked

2017.11.02 18:25

Child in ICU after accident in Mahiliou

2017.10.04 15:01

Belarus president gives cow as gift to large family

2017.07.04 12:06

Mahiliou: Zhiguli car with Luhansk separatist republic number plate

2017.03.17 12:13

Mahiliou: How policemen without uniform kidnap protesters (new video)

2017.03.16 13:51

Police Colonel: Belsat TV identifies man in charge of abducting protesters in Mahiliou

2017.02.20 10:40

‘Fight unemployment, not unemployed!’ Mahiliou outraged by controversial law

2016.10.27 09:42

Busting stereotypes: Mahiliou resident squeezes money from wife’s lover

2016.10.19 08:06

Monument to elevator may be erected in Mahiliou

2016.09.26 22:15

Opposition activist Tomas Yakavitski found dead in Mahiliou. Suspect detained

2016.08.01 11:20

Top priority? Russia’s new motorized rifle division only 200 km from two Belarus cities

2016.06.29 09:30

Policeman Vova’s supervisor commented on detention of cafe owner

2016.05.30 11:29

Belarusian authorities advise against selling maps with ‘Russian’ Crimea