2018.09.11 13:03 Video

‘Juicy steak’. Putin’s official challenges opposition leader Navalny to duel

2018.07.10 08:28 Video

KGB detains Deputy Minister of Health

2018.07.04 09:37

Braslau Executive Committee Chairman’s arrest confirmed

2018.06.27 06:34 Video

No mercy for corruption — Lukashenka

2018.06.26 10:22

Corruption corrodes Presidential Administration

2018.06.01 06:50

Unbeatable corruption: arrests of officials in Belarus

2018.05.30 12:14

Lukashenka’s aide arrested on suspicion of $200K bribetaking

2018.05.09 11:11

Former deputy head of Minsk Andrei Damaratski detained

2018.05.04 15:21

Lukashenka launches campaign against corrupt officials. Again

2018.05.03 16:34

‘Illegal business, fat contracts’: KGB accuses ex-minister of jobbery after Lukashenka’s strong words

2018.04.17 06:33 Video

New Forestry Minister spoke on corruption and lessons learned

2018.04.05 13:57

Lukashenka: Some ministers, officials venture too far

2018.04.04 09:21

Poor at liberty better than rich in jail – Lukashenka warns against corruption

2018.03.06 07:38 Video

Belsat journalist discloses corruption scheme, gets fined for it

2018.02.16 08:41 Video

Lukashenka dismisses two ministers for failing to take proper anti-corruption measures