2017.11.03 10:47

Lenin’s head made of jelly on display in Vitsebsk (photo)

2017.09.12 05:46 Video

Unusual sculpture in one of Minsk streets aroused interest of locals

2016.11.14 14:06

Belarus archive publishes Marc Chagall’s school assessment sheets

2015.12.15 09:11

No money for expert appraisal: Hrodna Museum claims it has painting by Malevich

2015.11.26 13:11 Photo

Ukrainian issue, Belarusian national symbols not approved by Minsk censors: Photos of unwanted pictures

2015.11.12 20:13 Photo

Van Gogh’s paintings come alive in Minsk (photos)

2015.11.09 07:43

Moscow: Artist Pavlensky sets doors of Russia’s FSB central office on fire