Villagers live from hand to mouth: Wages held back in Homiel region


The authorities promised to pay out salaries in full and on time, but failed to keep their word. Besides that month salaries at one of enterprises in Homiel region do not exceed BYN 200-300 (appr. $100-150), they are held back. Why don’t people working in villages so often praised by Belarusian officials have money to buy school supplies for their children?

On September 1, Belarusian schools are to open their doors to pupils. The day is very important both for children and their parents. However, providing a kid with a school kit often may increase stress levels.

Ina has two children. The woman lives in the village of Stradubka in Homiel region. Most locals work at Stradubka state agricultural enterprise. As parents had to do shopping before school, they counted on receiving their salaries. The directorship promised that the money would come on time. But…

“My daughter, she is a student, has nothing, even no pens. And she will have to leave tomorrow!” Volha says.

The director of Stradubka assured that they would pay salaries very soon.

“We will pay salaries out today. Now we are going to the bank, the money have already gone to the workers’ cards”, director Pavel Fisenka said.

But as there is a poor choice of goods in Staradubka, the parents will not manage to buy all necessary things by September 1.

By the way, milkmaids, agriculturists, cattle keepers earn BYN 200-300 a month in Stradubka.

“And we have to survive. From hand to mouth! You go to work, drink some tea – of course, if you have some,” the residents of Stradubka stress. They do not have enough money to pay utility bills.


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