Factory, barn, work in Russia: Day in life of Belarus independence’s agemates (ENG movie)

’25’ by Andrei Kutsila (+English subtitles)

They do not learn to make coffee according to the canons of the “third wave”, they have never been to Berlin or studied at the European Humanities University. We mean the most part of the Belarusian youth.

Declaration of the Byelorussian SSR State Sovereignty, which a year later received the status of constitutional law, was passed on July 27, 1990. A quarter of a century later, a new generation appeared in the sovereign country.

The film characters are 25-year-old Belarusians, who will help us to see the problems and achievements of the first generation of independent Belarus, feel and understand their ambitions and failures, dreams and goals. Daily life of our characters is a kind of life pulse of today’s young people and the country itself.


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