World-famous writer’s widow gives lie to Lukashenka’s words: We never sought his support

Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka made some statements during a meeting with finalists of the national contest Teacher of the Year October, 3.

In particular, he stressed the works should be included in the school curricula regardles of their authors’ political views.

Vasil Bykau was not a supporter of mine but he has written excellent works that we and our children should read. But there are some authors [in the school curriculum], who have nothing to boast about except for their Belarusian surnames,” news agency BelTA quoted the President as saying.

Havig mentioned the prominent Belarusian author, Lukashenka failed to change the subject.

“I was tod that Bykau was a betrayer because he had left the country. It’s his right to leave. But when he faced difficulties whom do you think he addressed to? To the President. He came to the President, and his wife did. They asked for help saying he shoud undergo a course of treatment. When he died [they] addressed to the state [authorities] again,” Lukashenka continued.

A journalist of the Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva contacted Vasil Bykau’s widow Iryna. Lukashenka’s statement was a bombshell for her, the woman confessed.

 “Someone might have asked Lukashenka on our behalf but I am not aware of it,” Mrs Bykava said.

The same situation happened after Lukashenka’s opponent Henadz Karpenka’s death. The Belarusian President claimed that Karpenka’s relatives hadn’t even had money to buy a pair of shoes for the deceased, which was blankly denied by Lyudmila Karpenka, the wife of the Belarusian politician.

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