Wary of Maidan: Russia, Belarus, Serbia to hold war game against ‘paramilitary units’

Airborne units from Russia, Belarus and Serbia will simulate a special operation to prevent riots in an assumed country as part of the Slavyanskoye Bratstvo’2015 (Slavic Brotherhood’2015) that will be held near the Black Sea port city of Novorossiysk, Gen Vladimir Shamanov, the Commander of the Riussian Airborne Troops said.

Maneuvers will be held at the Rayevsky testing range from September 2 through to September 5, he said.

“The purpose of the exercise is to practice the use of a joint grouping of special task forces in an operation that aims to track down and destroy a center where illegal paramilitary formations are trained,” Gen Shamanov said.

Under the scenario of the exercise, antigovernment elements and paramilitary units try to destabilize the situation in an assumed country through provocations and terrorist acts. In the wake of these attempts, the command of a joint group of forces takes a decision to prepare and effectuate joint antiterrorist steps, Gen Shamanov said.

Russia has committed a reinforced battalion of the 7th Airborne Assault (Mountain) Division. Serbia has provided a nonintegrated airborne company and Belarus, two companies of special task forces. Serbian paratroopers will use the Russian outfits and weaponry.

“All in all, more than 700 servicemen, twenty aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and 100 units of technology and equipment including Belarusian ones will be engaged in the exercise,” said Gen Shamanov who will do a general supervision of the maneuvers.

In addition, more than 8,000 servicemen and over 400 units of weaponry and military equipment from Russia and Belarus will practice field shooting in September during the tactical military drills, Union Shield 2015, to be held in September in the northwest of Russia.

www.belsat.eu/en/, via TASS

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