They are not refugees – Kadyrov about Chechens who stuck at Belarus-Poland border

Ramzan Kadyrov has spoken out on the subject of his nationals who have come to the Belarusian-Polish border in the hope for being let into the EU. The Chechen leader believes it to be ‘inappropriate’ to call them ‘refugees’.

“To call them refugees, one should have good causes, there should be a reason for being refugees. What could be the reason for it if Chechnya is the most stable and most developing region, if such care and social support for those in need does not exist anywhere, including Europe? ” Ramzan Kadyrov wonders on his Instagram account.

In his opinion, Chechen people can move to Europe, but it is wrong to call them refugees. He also advised those who want to leave Chechnya to seriously think about the consequences of their decision. Giving up on their religion and tradition would be very hard, he warns.

“Getting back to basics will be long and difficult,” Kadyrov said.

In late August, after vain attempts to receive asylum in Poland, a group of approx. 200 Chechens set up a camp in the Belarusian city of Brest which is close to the Polish border.

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