Vorsha resident fined $ 230 for livestreaming dogs kept in abhorrent conditions

Yulia Malyshava (pictured) decided to help homeless animals from the local stray dog center and broadcast live the conditions in which the dogs live. The court ruled that she broke the law, naviny.by reports.

At first, she had to deal with the police, and then she was taken to the police station. The next day, Malyshava was fined about $ 230 for livestreaming in social network.

The woman was charged with insubordination to the police (Article 23.4 of the Administrative Code), illegal entry into the protected facility (Article 23.14 of the Administrative Code), as well as the illicit manufacture and distribution of mass media products (part 2, Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code). The total amount of fines was $ 530.

Yulia does not work as a journalist and not cooperating with the media outlets. She is currently on a maternity leave. She recorded the video in order to attract attention of local residents to the horrible conditions of homeless animals in Vorsha.

Recall that 7 volunteers were detained in Vorsha in late March. They came to feed the dogs kept in the “Vorshanskaya Spetsavtobaza” center.

For their attempt to help the animals, all the volunteers were fined 10 to 25 base units.

A campaign for collecting funds to pay off their fines was launched on April 5.


belsat.eu, naviny.by

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