Villagers want their school back, while authorities abuse power

The school was closed this year through the critical condition of the building. Officials threaten to put disgruntled villagers in a psychiatric hospital.

The official reason for the closure of the school was the collapse of the ceiling in one of the building parts. Since September, the local children have had to go to a nearby village school. The locals are asking the authorities to renovate the building in their agro-town and are even willing to help.

The parents write letters to officials. Ms Roza Strelchanka, as a representative of the parents, even went to the Presidential Administration, but was rejected and called an opposition activist. Rumors in the village say the school building can be replaced by the sawmill. Later, Roza Strelchanka went to the Homiel Oblast Executive Committee, but the officals called a psychiatric ambulance. The parents who put their signatures on a petition, started getting threats.

Ms. Rosa is threatened with madhouse, if she does not cease to defend the interests of the parents. First, the woman received calls, then she got abusive messages.

Villagers are outraged by this attitude of the authorities to their requests and are hoping for justice. Local children want to have their school back and not have to cover a long distance every day.

Vitaut Siuchyk

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