U.S. Senator seeks imposing sanctions on Belaruskali, Belarusian Potash Company

U.S. Senator Steve Pearce (The Republican Party) has proposed to the US Congress a draft law that expends sanctions imposed on Belarusian companies.

The measure may affect Belaruskali and the Belarusian Potash Company (BKK), its trader, news agency Interfax reports with reference referring to The Wall Street Journal.

“The draft law is the first step to make those countries under American sanctions be responsible for their actions and have no chance to dodge them by just changing the name”, he said.

In March 2014 Belaruskali was separated from Belneftekhim concern, having explained it with the government’s intention for direct control over the enterprise.

The U.S. issued sanctions against Belarusian companies and individuals in 2007 as a result of human rights abuses related to political oppression’ in Belarus. U.S. citizens are typically prohibited from dealing with a sanctioned individual or company, whose assets are frozen. Belneftekhim, the Belarusian State Company for Oil and Chemistry, and its unit Belaruskali were among them.

In March 2014 the Belarusian government separated Belaruskali from Belneftekhim, citing an intention to directly control the enterprise.

Earlier this year Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich asked for an investigation into whether Belaruskali avoided sanctions by splitting off from Belneftekhim.


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