Ukraine’s ousted president Yanukovych left without defense lawyer

A Kyiv court has accepted the self-disqualification of public defender Vitaly Meshechko bags in the case of the former president’s treason.

After satisfying the request, the court instructed the regional center for the presentation of the secondary legal aid to immediately appoint a new lawyer by September 6, when the next hearing will start.

The prosecutor’s office considers Meshechko’s recusing himself an attempt to put the trial on a back burner. The lawyer owed his refusal to ‘special complexity of the case’.

Yanukovych who fled the country in 2014 refused to participate in the trial and withdrew its own lawyers on July 5.

The prosecution demands life imprisonment for Yanukovych.

Viktor Yanukovych reportedly lives in Russia’s Rostov region. Ukraine accuses him of, among other things, an attempt to legitimize bringing Russian troops to Ukraine – in particular, to the Crimean peninsula. The politician signed the corresponding appeal on the same day when the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision on releaving him of the presidential post.

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