Ukraine Foreign Minister says trips to Belarus not safe

In an interview with “Ukrinform” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said trips to Belarus are dangerous.

“Let’s face it, after Pavel Grib disappeared from the territory of Belarus, we need to talk about the dangers for Ukrainian citizens not only on the Russian territory. I want to warn people about the dangers of Ukrainians to stay in the Russian territory, where all Russian security services consistently act against our citizens. I urge everyone who travels to Russian territory to think well whether to go there. But now we have a situation where we see that the Russian security services also operate in the territory of Belarus, and I believe that Ukrainian citizens should take this into account, ” said Pavlo Klimkin.

Ukraine Foreign Minister has called the kidnapping of Pavel in Belarus a “very serious matter”.

“We need to figure out how it happened. To do this, we keep track of information from different sources. Russia does not allow Grib to communicate with our consuls, but we will put pressure in every way possible, and as soon as we find out all the circumstances, we will take next steps.”

Pavlo Klimkin also said that each country should monitor what happens in its territory, because “it’s part of sovereignty.”,

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