Ukraine aiming for NATO membership

Petro Poroshenko is the person behind the plan to implement the terrible dream of the Kremlin.

During his visit in Germany, in an interview with the newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” the Ukrainian president said he would do, “every effort to achieve membership in NATO”.

“As president I am guided by the views of my people and I will hold a referendum on NATO membership,” president of Ukraine assure the journalists.

Last July, Ukraine and NATO signed a comprehensive package of documents, covering cooperation in forty areas. The current statement by Poroshenko may be no more than a test of Western partners’ reaction, said an expert of the Institute of East European Studies Anatol Zymnin.

Ukraine’s statement of the desire to join NATO has always been a sensitive issue for the Kremlin.

Putin has repeatedly made it clear that Russia will not tolerate the expansion of NATO to the East, especially if post-Soviet states are involved.

“When the military bloc infrastructure gets closer to our borders, it causes our concern. We also have to make reciprocal moves. No one can refuse us this,”- Putin has previously argued.
The conflict in the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, backed by Russian arms and troops, has been raging since april 2014.

Recently, the trilateral Minsk Contact Group urged the parties to cease fire.

The conflict in Donbass is seriously interfering with Ukraine’s attempts to enter NATO.

Ihar Vinyausky, “Belsat”

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