Small Belarusian town prepared four months for Lukashenka’s visit

On April 26, the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in Belarus and Ukraine, the leaders of the two countries visited the nuclear power plant. They also met for talks. On the same day Alyaksandr Lukashenka was expected in Vetka, a town in the Homiel region that became a victim of radiation. The city had been preparing four months for the guest who came there for just a few hours.

Very often Lukashenka is the only hope for improvements in the city. This year, it was the residents of Vetka who felt the long-awaited “happiness”.

Where Lukashenka is to put his foot appear roads, sidewalks, fences, and houses take on a new look. Vetka residents are happy, and so are the workers, who had come to make te city pretty.

In order to encourage people to live and work in the contaminated regions, every year, on the anniversary of the Charnobyl disaster, the Head of State makes short visits to the affected areas.

Vetka was remembered only on the 31st year after the Charnobyl disaster.

Volha Starastsina, “Belsat”

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