Russia’s best known opposition leader labels Belarus, Crimea as part of ‘Russian World’

Alexei Navalny believes that Belarus is associated with the ‘Russian World’, the oppositionist told radio station ‘Echo of Moscow’.

“We have annexed Crimea with its 2 mln people. Unfortunately, we have lost 40 mln Ukrainian state, and probably forever. We have complicated [everything] and scared Belarus; it is also part of the Russian world although the Belarusians may not like it. [We have scared] the Baltic states, Kazakhstan and so on. It means that we are losing our natural trump cards. Having such a great and friendly nation as the Ukrainians would be Russia’s strategic ace of trumps speaking about the future of Russia, the development of Russia. But we have lost it due to some ambitions and dumb things,” he said.

Alexei Navalny, who is one of the leaders of the Russian opposition and a mayoral candidate, also stated that Crimea is ‘part of the Russian Federation’. “Let’s not delude ourselves. I also recommend Ukrainians not to delude themselves. Crimea will remain part of Russian and never be part of Ukraine anymore.”

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