Russia jails Estonian officer for 15 years for espionage. Tallinn alleges abduction

A court in Russia has sentenced Estonian security official Eston Kohver to 15 years in prison for espionage.

Kohver, an officer of Estonian KaPo, was abducted from the Estonian border, Tallinn states.

The state prosecution demanded a 16-year sentence for Kohver. He received 13 years for espionage and two for illegally crossing the border and carrying a firearm. Reading the verdict lasted only 15 minutes because some of the materials included Russian state secrets.

The border incident happened in September, 2014. The Russian Federal Security Service announced the arrest of an Estonian officer who was fulfilling his task in the Russian territory. They say the documents, arms, recording equipment, recording equipment and 5,000 euro in cash prove it.

Estonia and the EU insist the officer was abducted on Estonian soil. Kohver says he is not guilty.

Estonia denies Kohver was operating as a spy and says he had been performing his professional duties and investigating smuggling operations involving Russian officials.

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas condemned Wednesday’s verdict, calling it ‘a clear and grave violation of international law’. “The staged court case that formed a verdict suitable for the Russian authorities has nothing to do with a fair trial,” he said in a statement., following BBC

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