‘Union of Belarusian Writers’ commented on situation with ‘Belsat’

The Rada and the Secretariat of the NGO “Union of Belarusian Writers” has joined the campaign in support of “Belsat”. Writers are concerned about the situation with the independent Belarusian language channel.

The Union calls on the Polish side to review the plans for the liquidation of “Belsat”.

During the 9 years of its existence, “Belsat” has extensively covered cultural situation, has been a forum for artists, independent writers, musicians, that do not have access to Belarusian official television and media in general.

Independent sources of information are an integral part of a democratic European community.

Their weakening and elimination would leave Belarusians defenseless, which in conditions of total Russification and warlike offensive of the “Russian world” can have, without exaggeration, the most dramatic effect.

The NGO “Union of Belarusian Writers” expresses hope that the Polish government will find a way to save the TV channel “Belsat” and will remain faithful to the principles of freedom of speech and democracy. Even more so, because it also has suffered for decades of oppression of the dictatorship.

More on the Union here.


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