Putin’s demand fulfilled: Russians now need foreign passports to enter Ukraine

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has signed a decree that requires Russian citizens to present international passports when entering Ukraine, news agency Unian reports with a reference to the government press service.

There was a need to strengthen controls on the Ukrainian-Russian border and ‘introduce European rules for crossing the border, including for the citizens of the Russian Federation’, Yatsenyuk said.

The government has passed a decree to terminate certain provisions of the agreement between the government of Ukraine and the government of the Russian Federation on visa-free mutual travel of citizens.

“We withdraw internal passports [of Russian citizens] and birth certificates as [documents that can be used] for crossing the Ukrainian state border,” the Prime Minister said.

Yatsenyuk recollected that once Russian President Vladimir Putin had requested [that Ukraine] introduce a mechanism for crossing the state border only with international passports.

“We took note of [Putin’s] request. Now Russian citizens will need to have international passports [to enter Ukraine],” he said.

According to Yatsenyuk, such measures will help to significantly strengthen border controls and protect Ukraine’s national security interests.


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