Pro-Kremlin newspaper takes to heart U.S satirist’s joke about military strike against FIFA

A mouthpiece of the Russian government – the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta –  published the news article based on a humourous column by Andy Borowitz, a satirist writer of The New Yorker. Borowitz jokingly stated that Republican Senator John McCain called on the United States to send troops to FIFA…

But Vladislav Vorobyov, Deputy Editor of the international department of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, took the funny piece too seriously and responded with angry article beginning with the words ‘Due to all-permisiveness and impunity US politicians have completely lost touch with reality’.

“Well, the U.S. Senator immediately called the White House to launch a new military operation,” an author of Rossiyskaya Gazeta expressed his utrage. “And not against an insidious enemy that threatens America, not against a powerful terrorist group, not against any state nursing plans to unleash their nuclear firepower on Washington. McCain decided to set the Pentagon against the international organization. It is FIFA that has come into his grasp by now,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta says.

The editors of Rossiyskaya Gazeta were not even embarrassed with the fact that The New Yorker usually places Borowitz’s articles in the section labeled as ‘Humour’.

Vladislav Fronin,  Chief editor of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, told The Insider that he was not aware of the situation with the article by Vorobyov and was not able to comment on it. Meanwhile, a lot of Russian Internet users believed Vorobyov, re-posted his article to their social media profiles and are now hurling invectives at John McCain and the USA.

It is to be recalled that Vladislav Vorobyev also distinguished himself with such articles as ‘U.S. arm themselves with Bible in war against Russia war against Russia’, ‘Poroshenko’s rating falls to Obama’s anti-record’ and other controversial materials., following The Insider

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