Pride of Belsat TV. Channel’s year in review

Two journalists have been awarded the title ‘TV Person of the Year’. A special award of the channel’s Director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy has been also presented.

“In a wide sense, Belsat is a unique example of solidarity between nations and societies. It was founded not by a state or a corporation but by journalists on both sides of the [Polish-Belarusian border], which also contributed to its unique character. Belsat arose not due to political premeditation or greed for gain but by virtue of people’s authentic solidarity,” Belsat TV Director stresses.

According to Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, Belsat’s strategic aim is to transfer its office to Minsk: “In this case our mission will be carried out although it may not be completed. But we  are striving for that and working for that.”

It is the second time the channel’s judging board  has nominated Belsat TV journalists’ and contributors’ best works of the year in a number of categories and given awards. The goal is to spread the highest standards of journalistm in the Belarusian media space.

‘TV Person of the Year’Valery Ruselik, a news presenter at Studio Belsat, and Ales Barazenka, a cameraman and journalist from Minsk, who has covered the protests on Kyiv’s Maidan this year.

Special Award from Director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy went to Yury Wysocki and Siarhei Marchyk, authors of reports from Ukraine. In January 2014 the both were beaten by Ukrainian riot police during a bloody crackdown on protesters in Cherkasy.

Film  ‘Amerikanka. All Included’ was named Documentary of the Year. It features journalist and writer Aliaksandr Fiaduta’s being in the internal prison of the Belarusian KGB, the so-called Amerikanka. After the 2010 presidential elections the author spent 110 days there and described his prison experience in a book. The film makers aimed at showing the rigors of being in custody by means of literature and changed the genre of drama to that of ironic comedy.

Best Journalistic Story of the Year – ‘People’s Affairs. Corruption in House and Utility Sector’ by Ales Zaleuski. The author uncovered illegal practices in the Belarusian town of Slonim, which resulted in imposing a fine on him

Report of the Year – ‘Around the World Without a Word’ by Katsiaryna Sevastianava. The author tells a story of Uladzimir Yarets, a 73- year-old deaf and mute motorcycle rider, who managed to get a driver’s license and visit 138 countries. 

Best Information Story of the Year

‘Two Steps to a War’ and ‘Belarusians ar Ukrainian War’ by Yaraslau Stseshyk

a number of stories covering protests on Kyiv’s Maidan by Ales Barazenka

a number of reports from Ukraine by Arkadz Nestsiarenka

a number of reports from Ukraine by Usevalad Shlykau

Best Article of the Year on –  Arkadz Nestsiarenka’s interview with Isa Munayev, a former commandant of the city of Grozny who is fighting against (pro-) Russian separatists in Ukraine .

Most Popular VideoAles Barazenka and Siarhei Kavaliou filmed Minsk riot police seizing Ukrainian flags during the concert of Ukrainian musical band ‘Okean Elzy’ in the Belarusian capital.


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