Preventive arrest? Activist grabbed by police in Minsk


On Friday morning, the Minsk police detained Maksim Vinyarski, an activist of the European Belarus.

Сегодня 8 утра был арестован Максим Винярский около своего дома. Он вместе со своей сестрой вышли выгуливать собаку. С р…

Geplaatst door Leonid Kulakov op donderdag 12 oktober 2017

Four policemen (two of them were plainclothed) grabbed Vinyarski when he was walking his dogs, activist Leanid Kulakou said on Facebook.

The arrestee may stand trial today.

A number of activists and politicians have been recently detained in Belarus. The opposition links this fact to the upcoming protest rally which is scheduled for October, 21.

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