Poroshenko rebuts Russian propaganda: ‘There are no fraternal nations at war’

The President of Ukraine blasts the myths that swirl in pro-Kremlin mass media.

On the eve of the Independence Day, President Petro Poroshenko met with prominent civil activists who took part in the creation, consolidation and development of the independent Ukrainian state.

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Yuriy Shcherbak stressed the necessity of dispelling pro-Putin propaganda’s myths that Ukrainians and Russians are the same nation and that Ukraine is allegedly under external control.

“You are absolutely right. There are no fraternal nations at war. There is a united Ukrainian nation, which is moving towards Europe and there is a Russian nation, which is in a deep crisis,” President Poroshenko answered.

A few days earlier, Russian president Vladimir Putin voiced one of the popular myths again.

“I think that the Russians and Ukrainians are one nation in general, we do not make a difference,” Putin said during a visit to annexed Crimea.


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