Politician Nyaklyayeu claims authorities want to destroy him


After five days of arrest, the poet and politician Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu was finally free. Last week he was detained by riot police to serve the term of administrative arrest for participation in the rally almost three months ago, the “non-parasite march”, which was held in Minsk on 17 February.

Behind bars Uladzimir Neklyayeu wrote no poems.

The poet was not allowed to get a pen. In addition, he was placed in a cell with head lice, could not have an ambulance called and was not given medicine for hypertention when he needed it. Uladzimir considers such acts a special effort to damage his health.

The poet began to have grave problems with blood pressure after the Brest border guards detained him on the eve of the Freedom Day. He was hospitalized to the Brest city hospital with hypertensive crisis from the Brest temporary detention center.

Uladzimir Neklyayeu was handed another subpoena for his work on May 1 immediately after the release from prison. The court hearing will take place next week.

Yulia Labanava, “Belsat”

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