Police intimidate ‘parasite tax’ opponents

To deprive the protest movement of leaders and scare people: Homiel police invite for “informal meetings” the people they were able to identify during a mass protest against the decree on parasites. A few days remain before the next protests in the regions.

Authorities have noticed the protests against the decree number 3.

About a dozen of Homiel dwellers have received informal invitation to the police. Among them are social and trade union activists, human rights defenders, bloggers.

The reason for the ‘invitation’ is their participation in the ‘non-parasites’ march which took place in Homiel on Sunday. Now the police want to draw protocols on them, allegedly for participating in an unsanctioned rally.

When asked if they are going to draw protocols for each of the three thousand participants in Sunday’s rally in Homiel, the police said that they would only ‘summon’ those whom they had identified among the participants. The punishment is also quite serious — even administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

Activists believe that this is done to intimidate people and to neutralize the organizers.

The ‘non-parasites’ march is being prepared in Babruisk

Application for the rally was filed with the city council by the local activists. At the same time there was a signature collection campaign for the abolition of the so-called tax on parasitism.

The protests will continue. Next Sunday there are protests planned in Brest, Baranavichy and Vitsebsk. On March 15, another rally will be held in Minsk. It is expected that the protests mood will be felt during the traditional rally on Freedom Day to be held on March 25.

Valeryia Ulasic, “Belsat”, photo: Rymakov Vadim / ITAR-TASS / Forum

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