Out-Herod Herod: Russian general wrenches handle out showing vehicle to Putin (video)


A funny thing happened to a Russian general who showed military machines to president Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Thursday.

Lieutenant General Alexander Shevchenko did not give up when the door of a new military UAZ Patriot vehicle failed to open. He wrenched it several times and the handle just remained in his hand.

“Well done!” Putin started to laugh. And the general threw the handle onto the car seat through the open window.

State-run Russian media was not slow to report the incident. To save the day and prevent their foreign colleagues from giving sharp remarks about the poor quality of Russian military equipment, they put the thing that happened in Sochi down to the security system operation which enables opening car doors only when the engine is turned on.

However, a bit later it turned out that the complicated system related solely to door through which Putin was to have got into the car, because the general opened the rear door of the car without running the engine.

The reason for the thing that happened lies in his extraordinary strength, general Shevchenko believes.

“All the generals of Russia’s Armed Forces should reach qualifying standards. Physical strength gives the opportunity to perform any task,” he said.

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