OSCE records 21 trucks wth ‘Cargo 200’ on Russia-Ukraine border

Since August, 2014 the OSCE mission has recorded 21 vehicles with the inscription ‘Cargo 200’, which crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Paul Picard, Head of the mission in Rostov region.

“Vehicles bearing inscriptions ‘cargo 200’ or ‘200’ cross the border. Over the year 21 ‘coffins’ have passed through”, Picard said at a press conference.

OSCE officials do not know exactly what these trucks were carrying because they were closed, Picard stressed. ‘Gazelle’ vehicles with coffins drove both in the direction of Ukraine and to Russia, he added.

A recent report by the special OSCE monitoring mission suggests that soldiers of an Airborne Brigade from Orenburg may be located in Donbas. Its authors refer to the words of a guard of the ammunition depot in the inrecognised Donetsk People’s Republic, who said that he was serving in the 16th Airborne Brigade from Orenburg together with other guards . At the same time, the report says, there was no insignia on his uniform.

The Kremlin promised to check this information, noting that Russia had been repeatedly accused of sending troops to the Donbas, but ‘it always turned out’ that no specific details could be named. Moscow denies any involvement of its Armed Forces in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


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