Opinion survey: Belarus, China – Russia’s friends, U.S., Ukraine – foes

The latest survey of the renowned analytical Yuri Levada Center shows how our eastern neighbours see the world.

The Russians consider Belarus and China to be the most friendly countries to their homeland (55 and 43 percent of respondents, respectively).

Armenia and India take the next places in the people’s sympathy  – they are favoured by 18% of interviewees each.

The United States is the most hostile to Russia, 73 percent of respondents canvassed say. The next places are taken by Ukraine (37 %), Latvia (25 %), Lithuania (25 %), Poland (22 %), the United Kingdom (21 %), Estonia (19 %), Germany (19 %), Georgia (11 %), Canada (8 %).

According to the survey carried out by Levada, it is the first time that Poland has landed up among the top five ‘unfriendly and hostile’countries – 22 percent of Russians hold it as an enemy. Last year only 12 % of respondents considered the Polish state a hostile country, which was ranked it 9th. 10 years ago, only 4 percent of Russians was suspicious of it.


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