‘Mission Impossible’: TV chief urges to boycott Tom Cruise film for casting Belarus in negative light

Henadz Davydzka, Chairman of Belarusian Television and Radio Company, believes that people should boycott a new movie with Tom Cruise in the lead and even picket cinemas, he said during the program “Editors’ Club” aired by TV channel Belarus 1.

It is the Hollywood film ‘Mission Impossible – Rogue Tribe’ that arose a strong feeling on the top official. A part of its action supposedly takes place in Minsk where a criminal Syndicate is planning to use a dangerous weapon.

Such a representation of Belarus cannot but outrage him, Davydzka said.

However, other guests the program did not favor the idea of picketing cinemas. According to them, Belarus should make films that would show the positive sides of the country and promote it.

www.belsat.eu/en/, via Euroradio

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