Donbas: Pro-Russian separatists put man in pillory (photo)

A man was pillorised near the town of Zugres (Donetsk region), separatists’ accounts in social media say.

The middle-aged man was standing at a crossing not far from the culture centre in settlement Zugres-2 at about 8 am, reports. Separatists call him ‘punitive expeditioner’. According to them, the man is a volunteer of Ukraine’s battalion ‘Donbas’, nom-de-guerre ‘Zugres’.

 “He was grabbed at home, when he came for the weekend to rest and cure his leg injured in fights near Ilovaysk,” separatists state.

It is not the first time that terrorists have set a person in the pillory. In August the world was shocked by photos of Irina Dovgan, a citizen of Ukraine: Donetsk residents were brutalising a woman wrapped in the Ukrainian flag.

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