Lukashenka not Jude Law’s fan: Iconic actor tells why he is unwelcome in Belarus

Prominent British actor Jude Law has recently stated that there are places in the world where not everybody loves him: being a guest at Steven Colbert’s Show, he commented on his support of Belarus Free Theatre and explained why movies starring him are banned in Belarus:

According to unofficial information, in 2011 the Belarusian Culture Ministry removed all the films starring Hollywood actors Kevin Spacey, Jude Law and Kevin Kline from state-run TV channels. The trio took part in solidarity actions with Belarus by performing in a series of short movies ‘Long Live Belarus’ after the brutal crackdown on peaceful post-election protests on December 19, 2010 and arrests of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s political rivals, opposition leaders and activists.

Moreover, Jude Law played in the short film ‘Connection’ together with the  head of the Belarus Free Theatre Nicolai Khalezin. It dips the viewer into the atmosphere of fear, searches and arrests which was reigning in Belarus at that moment:

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